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The Need for Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy or the elderly. Putting yourself in control of how your assets are divided up after you die is something that you should do in order to save your family excessive taxes, legal fees, legal battles, and family fights.

Your Default Estate Plan

Everyone has an estate plan by default. Each state has defined rules governing how your assets are distributed upon your death. By default, if you die without a will, you have what is called an intestate will. Click here to read a synopsis of what this will would read if you had written it.

Why So Few Have Estate Plans

It is very easy to put off estate planning. As with many things in life, it seems like it can wait until tomorrow. Or you may have been scared off by the expenses -- attorneys cost a lot of money. You may just have a real lack of understanding about what the legal process is after you die, and how much time and money can be saved for your loved ones when an estate plan has been put in place.

Estate Planning - The Right Way

Estate planning done correctly allows YOU to decide where your assets will go, and can help your family avoid the probate process, estate taxes, and long legal battles that can rip a family apart.

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Lee R. Phillips
Lee Phillips - estate planning attorney and speaker

Estate planning attorney and renowned national speaker Lee R. Phillips reveals the valuable information that will protect you and your family from costly probate, estate taxes, lawsuits, and other mishaps of our legal and financial system.

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